6 tips to prepare for exams!

It's almost time for those dreaded exams. Don't worry, no matter how anxious you may be, following these tips below can help you destress and be prepared!

1. Organise yourself

At least 7 days prior to your exams, ensure you have:

(1) Compiled your notes and;

(2) Have all important dates till the end of the year written in a diary or laptop

Having all the important dates written and set in your diary or whatever your note taking method may be will mean you are ready for any surprises that come your way! Nothing interrupts studying quite like a ‘you forgot to pick your brother up from school’ moment.

2. Strengths? Who cares! Target your Weaknesses!

Comb through your notes and highlight or mark which areas you cannot adequately memorise and / or cite. If you cannot vaguely respond to any areas of content, it means it's first on the list to study.

Knowing all areas of content is essential for exams! It is better to get 2 marks out of 5 for a question you vaguely remember studying than 0 out of 5 because you didn’t comb over the topic at all.

3. Have a way to study... and stick with it!

If you are a visual learner, compile your notes in a visual format. If you prefer having vocal feedback, record yourself citing your notes.

Whatever it may be, get it done!

Plus, its oddly satisfying having all your notes compiled in an Officeworks bound book

4. Past papers are gold!

Need reassurance that you are prepared to undertake exams? Complete past papers! Memorising notes is only 30% of the battle! In reality, nothing will prepare you more for exams than facing similar questions. Practice solutions and past exams are the way to go!

Oh, you say you have already completed the 2018 practice exam for Legal Studies? Too bad 2015-17 is also available!

5. Tired? Unhealthy? Guess you just made your exam preparation longer!

No one can complete an assessment to the best of their ability if they are not taking care of themselves!

Get that 8-hour sleep, eat those veggies, walk that block… do what you need to do!

Taking care of yourself will help you immensely for exams! Studying 15 hours a day won’t help if 50% of the information is being processed. See our previous post on the theory behind taking breaks to enhance learning capacities.

6. Last of all... Don't stress!

Worst thing you can do to yourself is freak out. Underperforming in exams is not that big of a deal and you'll quickly find that University is quite laissez faire (a term for you Business students out there).

Underperforming Is not the end of the world, do the best you can and forget about it in the celebrations that precede it.

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