Service Tutoring is a database that connects Victorian students to tutors. This service can apply across any subject imaginable and to any student - from Primary school all the way to University!

Simply click below to get started finding the perfect tutor.

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Step 1: Search

Finding a tutor is simple and easy!


Just click the button below and start by inserting the subject you require tutoring for and your location! 

Step 2: Discover

From there, the relevant tutors will be listed. It's that simple!

Ensure to take the time to look at each tutors personal credentials and rate per hour before booking.

Step 3: Find the right tutor

Once you look through all the listed tutors and find the right one for your studies, click 'book now' on their profile.

If applicable, have a look at the tutors reviews! 

Step 4: Log in or Register

In order to complete the booking, you will need an account.

Simply log in or register to be one step away from your booking.

Step 5: Choose the Required service

Many tutors will offer tutoring in more than one unit or subject so make sure you book the service you need carefully.

If any issues arise, please contact us via the 'contact us' page.

Step 6: Pay

Service Tutoring ensures that your security is of utmost importance.


All payments are made through secured and world recognised third parties -  Paypal and Stripe. 

If there are any queries as to their terms of service, please visit the website in question. 

Service Tutoring does not hold any credit or financial information.

Step 7: Learn

Thats it! Payment will be processed automatically and you are ready to be tutored!

Both parties will be emailed a receipt for proof of payment.

If you have any problems or were not fully satisfied with the lesson, please contact us at:


STep 8: Reap the rewards!

We have some important rewards arriving for students and tutors who continually use our service! 


This can range from exclusive discounts to free tutoring sessions!

Don't worry, rewards will be released in the coming months - all lessons conducted beforehand will be counted as double!



We adopt a unique yet effective pricing structure that is sure to benefit tutors and students alike!

Each individual tutor assigns their own prices for their work (on a 'per hour' basis); allowing the student to choose on their own accord!

Additionally, we charge the industry's lowest commission rate by a tutoring agency (15%). In comparison, the average commission rate for a standard tutoring agency can be as high as 50-60%!

How do we work?

At Service Tutoring we try to make the process as easy as possible.

By entering the relevant subject and location, a list of tutors closest to the area will be supplied for you to choose from!

Once you find the perfect tutor, enquire and book! We will also ensure both parties are aware of the booking made.

Additionally, rewards will be implemented soon and both students and tutors can reap the benefits.


Not only will this service offer a large and more consistent range of tutoring, but the more lessons that are conducted, the more rewards you will receive!

Along with one of the lowest industry commission rates charged, we are planning important partnerships to reward you for your activity on this site.

Rewards can be anything from discounts to increased tutor visibility!

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